As we slowly emerge from a worldwide crisis, one of the most important ways business leaders need to adapt their communications approach is to start showing their humanity. Today, we need leaders who demonstrate deep care for their teams and who know that when they put their people first and create an environment where they can thrive, business results will follow. Join Broad Reach President and PR industry leader Andrea Lekushoff for On Point, where she interviews thought leaders, best-selling authors, executives, academics, and health and wellness experts to explore the role of communications in a time of crisis and how leaders can—and must—evolve their approach.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have been grappling with tough decisions and how to communicate them. How businesses and their leaders behave today will have long-reaching consequences for their future reputations.

In this episode, Broad Reach president Andrea Lekushoff provides an overview of our most recent white paper and provides ten communications best practices for business leaders to follow during the pandemic and beyond.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the reputations of many companies and business leaders have been made and broken. Whether leaders are aware of it or not, companies are constantly being scrutinized for how decisions are handled and communicated during this crisis.

In this episode, Broad Reach president Andrea Lekushoff shares her insights on how leaders can bring humanity to their communications approach and inspire others through action. How you treat people during this crisis will make or break your reputation for years to come.

With all the changes affecting the business world during the COVID-19 crisis, communication has never been more important. Most companies are going through tough times and making very difficult decisions. But what varies from company to company is how those decisions are being handled and communicated.

Join Broad Reach president Andrea Lekushoff for a look at some of the specific tactics that Broad Reach has been advising clients to use while communicating during this unprecedented crisis. A little advance planning can ensure leaders have a thoughtful, proactive pandemic communications strategy.

Exploring how leadership communications can—and must—evolve to meet the growing expectations of today’s changing business world.