The COVID-19 crisis has forced leaders everywhere to adapt their operations and change the way they communicate, both internally and externally.

At Broad Reach, we’ve been guiding local, national and global organizations through crisis communications and reputational issues for more than two decades—our ability to help leaders navigate through uncertainty is second to none.

In these unprecedented times, we believe it’s critical that all communications be direct, clear and candid, and most of all, that they come from a place of empathy, compassion and concern for all your stakeholders. Our approach to COVID-19 communications will help ensure that when the world emerges from this crisis, your relationships, your reputation and your brand are not just intact, but stronger than ever.

Broad Reach president Andrea Lekushoff’s crisis communications expertise has featured prominently in the media across a wide range of industries during the COVID-19 outbreak. Her thoughts and counsel are also showcased in Broad Reach’s podcast, On Point: Bringing Humanity to Leadership Communications. Here’s a selection of articles she’s written or been interviewed for.

Broad Reach Expert Opinion on COVID-19 Communications