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Lessons from climbing BC’s Mount Nimbus.

In this Ivey Business Journal article, Broad Reach’s founder describes how she overcame her fear of heights to tackle one the scariest and most rewarding adventures of her life: climbing the via ferrata on BC’s Mt. Nimbus.

Five steps to build your personal brand.

Have you heard the one about the Cobbler's children? Of course you have, because you work in PR. It goes something like this: The Cobbler works so hard every day to make shoes for customers that he (or probably she) doesn't have time to make shoes for his own children. [...]

When the going gets tough, the tough build trust.

It’s a common experience among many communications professionals: after helping an organization build its brand reputation during good times, we often see our efforts unravel the moment an economic downturn hits and senior management decides to cut spending on brand communications. It’s understandable. But it’s also a mistake, since difficult times are exactly when an organization should remain visible and emphasize its brand.