Is bigger better? A growing number of companies don’t think so.

This National Post article by Mitch Kowalski caught my eye last week. It describes how five years after the onset of the global economic slowdown, some professional services industries are starting to reshape themselves.

It also describes how a few small law firms are changing the industry by delivering top-notch legal services in a more personal and cost-effective way than their larger counterparts. The same rings true for the PR industry.

I founded Broad Reach Communications on a similar premise in 2008. I wanted to offer clients something different: a leaner, more responsive and entrepreneurial PR agency that brims with senior associates who have expertise spanning the industry spectrum.

I felt the traditional agency model was inefficient and costly. I knew there had to be a better way than suffering the hierarchy and process that burdens larger agencies. A way that allows practitioners to respond to client needs more quickly and nimbly because there is less bureaucracy and fewer layers to navigate.

Flash forward five years, and thanks to technology and a great network, I have immediate access to PR experts across Canada. This means when a client needs a certain area of expertise, I can create a “strategic dream team.” It also means we can quickly scale teams up or down depending on client needs.

Many of our 20 associates are refugees from big agencies who want to have work-life balance. Others are simply done working crazy hours against their will. But they all have at least a decade of experience and many have worked for some of the world’s most respected brands.

What clients especially value is that without the overhead of a traditional agency, substantial savings are passed along to them, so they get an incredible return on their investment.

As more and more clients begin to understand the tremendous value they get from this type of approach, I believe we will begin to see a surge of this business model in the PR industry.

Do you work with a smaller to medium-size PR firm? What benefits have you experienced? How do they make you look good?

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