I recently read this Inc. Magazine article by Jon Morris of Rise Interactive describing how the collaboration between public relations (PR) and search engine optimization (SEO) teams can lead to the creation of new content, better publicity and new business.

I couldn’t agree with this more and it is something we are actively recommending to our clients.

Think about it. Both disciplines have a common goal: to increase brand presence through an assortment of communication channels. But, all too often, they are treated as separate silos. I’ve even seen SEO grouped together with the IT team…despite the fact that it is considered an Internet marketing strategy.

Some companies marry PR and SEO by ensuring frequent, ongoing collaboration between the two teams. Each regularly advises the other of best practices, trends and issues in their respective discipline. As a result, outreach strategies can be adjusted to ensure business objectives continue to be met.

So, where do you start? According to Morris:

  1. Increase quality content and links. Together, PR and SEO should explore the content landscape, discuss keywords, and brainstorm ideas for heightened web exposure.
  2. Build relationships. Share media lists and online (as well as offline) relationship-building opportunities.
  3. Promote. Feature your content to brand advocates (and potential brand advocates) through social media.

Ultimately, and for so many reasons, ongoing communication between PR and SEO teams should be a top priority for any organization. Integration improves overall knowledge of each communication channel, and opens the doors to many new ways to get the word out—ensuring the greatest exposure possible for your business and brand.

Call it a marriage of convenience…but of the best kind.

Does your organization “silo” PR and SEO? Or do they marry the two disciplines? What kinds of results have you seen?