“Don’t think about making women fit the world – think about making the world fit women.”
Gloria Steinem, February 1, 2010, Yale University

In just a few short decades, the workplace has radically changed. Today, women constitute nearly half the workforce. There have never been so many women in leadership positions around the world. There has never been so much talk about being a woman in business. In fact, there has never been a better time in history to be a woman.

Yet, whether they want to or not, many working women must still think about their other reality – raising their family and managing their home. So whether they’re working, caring for aging or sick loved ones, or furthering their education while they work, establishing the appropriate work/life balance is a significant challenge and daily reality for most women.

I recently had the pleasure of writing an article on this topic for Women of Influence where I shared eight important steps to help women find a truly flexible work arrangement – like the one we have established at Broad Reach. Our flexible, family-friendly business model was also featured this week in The Globe and Mail. I’m passionate about this topic and truly believe it is possible for professional services firms to lead the way in helping women find rewarding careers that don’t require them to sacrifice their personal and family lives.

Do you think it’s possible for women to achieve true work/life balance?

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