No doubt about it: if your business is online, you’ve got a global brand.

And when you’re global—that is, when customers are able to access your business and engage with other customers from literally anywhere worldwide—you’re facing a huge market with a wide range of needs, languages and ethnicities.

The opportunities for “going global” are limitless, but may also seem rather daunting!

Thankfully, as this article explains, the right social media strategy is a fantastic tool for taking a brand global.

Social media offers multi-nationals and ambitious start-ups something incredibly valuable: insight into your customers around the world. For example, you can use it to “listen in” on conversations, research target markets, and identify content of interest to specific groups.

But businesses can only realize the true impact of social media by committing themselves to it, implementing and closely managing a digital and social media strategy that:

  • incorporates well-defined goals and objectives and specific strategies on how to achieve them;
  • considers websites, blogs, forums, social media channels, social networks and mobile apps; and
  • ensures the strategy complements more traditional approaches to stakeholder engagement.

Check out this article for some great best practice recommendations, aimed to help you be strategic about social media for your global brand!

How do you use social media to connect with and learn about your customers?