In a recent post, I talked about the significant benefits that clients reap from working with a non-traditional PR agency. When I reflected on that post, one more critical benefit came to mind: retaining the industry’s top talent.

I wrote an op-ed earlier this year for PRWeek, focussing on the benefits PR practitioners experience when working in a non-traditional environment. Although this article focussed on the PR industry, the same rings true for many professional services firms who adopt this leaner, more responsive, entrepreneurial business model.

If you want to stop the exodus of top talent, you may have to make a radical change in how your team works. Your business and clients will benefit from:

  • A depth and breadth of experience that spans borders
  • Senior-level associates who can hit the ground running from day one
  • The ability to scale a team up or down at a moment’s notice
  • Talent that specializes in exactly what the client needs

Broad Reach is living proof. When I started the agency in 2008, I realized many senior PR practitioners were caught in an unnecessary and intractable dilemma: how to pursue a fulfilling and meaningful career while meeting the demands of their personal and family lives. And I knew my team and I would face the same dilemma (many of us have children), if I were to adopt the traditional agency model driven by billable hours and expensive overhead.

The Solution
Get rid of costly and inefficient agency layers and turn the industry on its head. How? By allowing practitioners to decide when and where to work. It’s not always easy to manage, but the results are worth the effort.

The Result
First and foremost, attracting the industry’s top talent. Other benefits that flow through to the client include a happy and loyal team, low account turnover, and most importantly, outstanding client service and business results.

This model is a true win-win-win for everyone involved.

When was the last time you changed your business to retain top talent?