Rapidly growing agency attracts top talent that wants to redefine agency culture and set a new industry standard

TORONTO, October 24, 2016 – Broad Reach Communications is meticulously rounding out its in-house talent, strengthened by the recent addition of Jeff Roman, Vice President, Client Service and Operations to its team. The most senior of five hires within the last year and a half, Roman is part of a growing trend of senior agency practitioners joining smaller agencies where their strengths are leveraged, their contributions count, and they are encouraged to stretch themselves in exciting ways.

“When you are building a values-based organization, it’s critical to find people who share your passion for growth and who want to make a difference,” explains Andrea Lekushoff, President, Broad Reach Communications. “With a strong reputation as an outstanding practitioner, a respected leader and solid operator, Jeff will be a game changer for our agency. I look forward to watching him learn and grow while he leads our team to create work that drives our agency to reach new heights.”

Roman brings more than 15 years of consulting experience in corporate, government and agency environments to his new role. He is known for his expertise in strategic communications planning, reputation management, thought leadership, corporate responsibility, issues management and media training. Jeff has also counseled clients on a range of complex and challenging issues, including M&A, divestitures, restructurings, executive transitions, product recalls and litigation. Prior to Broad Reach, Roman held positions at NATIONAL Public Relations, SIRIUS Satellite Radio Canada, Edelman, the Ontario government and Cohn & Wolfe.

“With a rapidly growing client roster and a warm and genuine culture, Broad Reach is a rare find,” explains Roman. “It’s an exciting time to join the agency. I look forward to working closely with our incredible team to maintain the momentum as we expand our offering and create a full-service corporate communications consultancy.”

Roman joins Account Director, Denise Gagnon; Senior Account Manager, Daina Astwood-George; and Account Coordinator, Danielle Scott. Debbie Levy, office manager, also lends her organizational expertise to the team.

“There is nothing more important for a growing business like ours than hiring the right people, as they are the ones who drive the organization’s success,” explains Lekushoff. “As with Jeff, we first look for personality fit and the desire to learn and grow. Most skills can be learned, even at senior levels, but it is difficult to train people on their personality. Without that, you cannot build a strong, fun-loving, results-oriented and values-based team.”

Top PR talent joining Broad Reach for its ‘Always Better’ purpose and approach

In Lekushoff’s experience, millennials are not the only generation seeking balance, fun and fulfilment at work. Canadians across all generations want to be part of something bigger than themselves and feel like their jobs have real purpose.

This is one of the many reasons the Broad Reach team came together to create a company charter earlier this year. As a result of their commitment to being ‘Always Better’, the team defined the company’s vision, outlined why clients will choose them, and concretized how the team will work together, with clients and with stakeholders – no matter the agency’s size.

“Broad Reach is well known for smart and strategic counsel, exceptional client service and award-winning creative ideas,” says Roman. “The charter serves as a valuable reminder as to how we bring our best every day.”

The full-service communications marketing firm is also prioritizing the wellbeing of its staff with a series of in-depth organizational development and learning and growth initiatives. Designed to foster a deeper level of employee engagement, satisfaction and purpose, the initiatives – which range from mapping out every team member’s desired roles, to holding everyone accountable for key personal goals, to launching a learning and growth initiative based on life skills, such as happiness, empowerment and confidence – reflect a new approach to conducting meaningful business both internally and externally.

Business model shifts driven by desire to redefine PR agency work style and culture

Broad Reach was founded in 2008 when Lekushoff turned the traditional PR agency model on its head. Groundbreaking at the time and modelled after her own appreciation for work-life balance, Lekushoff introduced an innovative and family-friendly working approach, where practitioners enjoyed flexible hours and virtual offices, but a shared accountability for both quality and results. Soon after the agency’s launch, this model was featured in detail in both the Ivey Business Journal and the Globe and Mail, and by the end of 2014, the agency had almost 30 associates across Canada.

In early 2015, however, Lekushoff felt that it was time to start building a strong, values-based, in-house culture by creating what she hopes will become one of the most purpose-focused and respected PR agencies in Toronto. To achieve this, she bucked the trend she led seven years prior and shifted her business model to its current hybrid. In addition to its six full-time employees, Broad Reach now has an additional six core freelance associates who are valued members of the agency team.

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A leader in the Canadian public relations industry, Andrea Lekushoff has more than two decades of experience as a communications strategist and trusted advisor for some of the world’s most respected brands. Email Andrea