Is content really king? According to B2B purchasing executives, it depends on the source.

A new CMO Council survey shows that, where purchasers’ trust is concerned, vendor-produced content ranks extremely low. Among the top complaints: too much business-to-business content is laden in sales pitches, and low in breadth and depth of information.

Customers don’t just offer up their trust freely: it must be earned. And content, when written strategically, makes a significant difference to how outsiders view your organization.

Whatever the medium or context, smartly written and carefully crafted content, such as bylined articles, white papers, web copy and social media posts, can position your business as a leader its field. Done properly, this content will also:

  • Clearly communicate your key messages
  • Reach the right audiences
  • Be relevant and valued
  • Answer a question and/or solve a problem for your audience

By producing quality content that imparts thought leadership, businesses have a much greater opportunity to earn the trust—and purchasing dollars—of key prospects.

For more information on the CMO Council survey, click here.

What content do you trust more—content from vendors, or industry associations? Why?